Make your Name in the CSGO community as a CSGO Global Elite

If you’re an FPS-gamer who’s been playing CSGO for some time, you’d know how becoming a global elite ranking player is single-handedly the toughest objective to accomplish. You’d also know or would have seen how a CSGO player stops playing ranked matches the moment they become a CSGO Global Elite. The answer to both these phenomenon rests in the fact that there are a lot of trolls and hackers in the CSGO community and this increases the chance of a player losing and deranking, quite dramatically. It’s because of this, we encourage you to buy Global Elite account for yourself. You will be able to enhance or experience a wide array of benefits and bonuses as you realize how easier it is to buy an account instead of trying to become a Global Elite yourself.

We, at CSGO Smurf Shop know how important, reaching that rank and retaining is for you. To that end, we offer you, the opportunity to buy Global Elite account for yourself, and use as your main account, instead of your actual account. Considering how easy it is to lose a few matches and derank to SMFC instead of Global Elite, the need for reaching and retaining the position of a CSGO global elite is founded in good reason and understanding.

What Significant Factors Should You Think about before buying a Global Elite Account?

  1. Ranked matches in CSGO is the main factor that affects a player of any rank, since winning them gives you more ‘Elo’ points and losing them, reduces it. When you lose a string of matches, like 3 or 4, more than you’ve won, then you get demoted to a lower rank. If you are a Global Elite player, then by losing ranked matches you might fall down to SMFC or worse.
  2. We know why you are hesitant from playing ranked matches, despite being a CSGO Global Elite There are a lot of hackers in the CSGO community who have ruined the ranked matchmaking scenario for many, forcing players to stop playing ranked in order to preserve their rank. However, you shouldn’t have to be forced to turn to this in order to remain a Global Elite, you can rather buy Global Elite accountfrom us.
  3. Today’s hackers are not like the stupid ones you would have encountered earlier on; they’re smart and devious. You’ll find hackers in high-ranking matches who have premium hacks, and play smartly in order to avoid being Overwatch banned. Instead of trying your luck with a hacker, or curbing your wish to play ranked, we at CSGO Smurf Shop offer you the chance to buy your own global elite account, or even smurf account to play rank without deranking again.

So, these are some important factors that we have recognized as responsible for many players to become afraid while playing as a CSGO Global Elite. If you want to become a Global Elite and flaunt it with unabashed pride, then this is the best way for you to go about it.

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