How to Get Prime Matchmaking in CSGO

Ever since the inclusion of ranked matches as part of CSGO, there’s been a need for something that allows verified, registered players to play together without any interference or issues. With prime matchmaking, the entire CSGO community got just that. With prime matchmaking, came the need of people looking to CS GO prime account in order to play, with each prime account being linked to a verified, steam authenticated number. When you play in prime matchmaking, you will find matches with players who are prime members themselves. This is quite an important feature of prime matchmaking in CSGO as it gives a number of advantages that you can receive and enjoy. We, at CSGO Smurf Shop aim to help you CS GO prime account for yourself or your friends, as and when you require it.

CSGO Prime Account, Easily and Get the Edge in CSGO Gaming:

  1. When you start playing in prime matchmaking, you’ll notice that the number of hackers you run into, will get significantly reduced. We know how much you must hate hackers in CSGO as they completely destroy the gaming experience this game has to offer.
  2. We, at CSGO Smurf Shop will provide you with a prime account with a rank of your choosing so that you can start playing from any rank you wish, and you won’t have to play in normal ranked matchmaking, ever again. This will be an excellent opportunity for you if you’re not able to have a prime account of your own, then you can simply get CS GO prime account from us and start playing.
  3. We know how you can get tired of dealing with troll players in CSGO ranked matches, people who don’t play seriously but don’t do much to help you win. For that, playing in prime matchmaking is a suitable solution as the troll players in this pool are comparably less in number and intensity.

Whether you’re not being able to start playing prime matches due to your cell phone number not authenticating your account, or if you don’t have the means to start a prime account, then perhaps choosing to get CS GO prime account is the best decision you can make. We, at CSGO Smurf Shop will ensure that you get a ranked prime account of your liking, in all aspects.