Do you use third-party software/cheats?
No. Our team only uses skill with absolutely no cheats involved to complete our orders.
How long will it take for the account to be delivered?

Based on our new delivery policies we now guarantee all accounts are delivered within 24 hours. We also have instant delivery options. If you would like to know if your order is eligible please ask a live chat admin. They will provide you with the up-charge link. The admin will stay on live chat with you until you have successfully received your account!

If you have opted to stick with standard delivery than please note that the support staff has no way of telling when that account will be delivered. It can be as soon as 5 seconds and as long as 23hours 59 minutes. It is simply guaranteed within 24 hours. The only way of getting an account at a specific time is to purchase the $4.99 instant delivery upgrade (if the account is in stock).

How are the accounts delivered?
Account details are emailed to your email address. The details include username and password of the account you ordered. Steam guard will be disabled so you can log right in. Then you simply change the email to your own and then change the password and the account is all yours. It is that simple!
How do I pay?

Currently, we accept the following payment methods : G2A Pay
G2A Pay

We also accept the following at a 30% overpay:
CS: GO Skins
CS: GO Case Keys
Steam Wallet Gift Codes
Amazon Gift Cards
Best Buy Gift Cards
If you wish to pay with one of these methods please contact our live support and an agent will help you.

What does your guarantee cover?

We will replace or refund (our choice) your account if there is any issue that is our fault within the first two weeks after you receive your account. After such a long time period we can no longer be responsible for issues with your account. At that point, any issues with VAC would have been discovered (Not that this ever has or ever will happen). Other issues will be your responsibility after this time.

To request a refund/replacement please email us or message our live chat team. You will need to disable steam guard and provide us the password so we can log in and see what the issue is for ourselves. The process can take a few minutes. If it is obvious that the issue was not our fault (most of the time this means you cheated, are now vacc’d, and are trying to get your money back) than this guarantee does not apply.

The guarantee explicitly does NOT cover match-making cooldowns for team damage, leaving a game, kicking too many teammates, or being kicked too many times. Please be well aware of this policy when purchasing low ranked accounts as silver accounts are created by deranking and can frequently be in the 2hour – 7day ban cycle. If you get a 7day cooldown in some cases we will exchange your account for a fresh one. This is entirely up to the support admin you speak with and is in no means guaranteed.

Why can't I add friends?"

The vast majority of our accounts are created from game purchase until rank. This means that they are brand new steam accounts. We do not add the required $5.00 to the steam wallet to unlock all the features of the steam account. You will have to add $5.00 to the steam wallet to lift the standard steam limitation. This is a steam procedure that we have nothing to do with. Please simply follow the instructions that steam provides to complete the process. Our live chat nor our support team can assist with this in anyway other than to provide you a link to the steam article regarding the process. Please click here for more instructions: How to Lift Steam Limitation

I bought an account, it was delivered, but I just don't want the account anymore. Can I get a refund?

If an account was delivered to you and any competitive games were played we will not accept any returns under any circumstances. If you have not played any competitive games you can request a refund by emailing us or contacting our live support. A refund will be given at the sole discretion of the admin you are speaking with. We charge a 10% fee for all returns (you will receive 90% of your purchase price back to the payment method you used).

My account is in a different currency. How do I change the currency on my account?

Purchase the lowest priced steam game (Fortix is $.99) with your own payment method. This is the only way to change your account currency.

Why are some accounts in different currency?

Our account managers are from around the world. So sometimes your account is in a different currency.

Do I have to change the currency?

There is no need to change the currency at all. You only need to change it if you anticipate using the market. If you are going to use the market you are going to deposit funds anyway. So if it is just for use as a smurf account to play with friends there is no need.